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    Welcome to Shenghua Chemical 


            Shenghua Company is set up for 29 years.  In 1988-2005 years ago, the predecessor was Xinyang Dahua patent Science Research Institute. It belongs to the early Xinyang Township Enterprise Bureau. Since its reform in 2005, it has established Xinyang Shenghua Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in R & D and production of paint and building materials, which own itself mechanical equipment factory, research, production and sale of glue powder, waterproof material and other building materials.     The subordinate machinery plant, producing all kinds of dry powder mixer, putty mixer, thermal insulation mortar mixer    ......     Detail

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    Company: Xinyang Shenghua Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd.

    Address: No. 13, South lake road, Xinyang City, Henan Province, China

    Sales:    Jenny Sun

    Tel:       +86 573 83032956

    Phone/Wechat/Whatsapp:  +86 15757316908

    Email:    cndemingwei@gmail.com

    Xinyang Shenghua Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd. 

    Address: No. 13, South lake Road, Xinyang, Henan, China    Zip code:464000     Tel:0573-83032956     Mobile phone:0086 15757316908    Email: 99146896@qq.com

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